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Heinz Fink now residing in Kornwestheim is active in several bands. His instruments are Guitar and Mandolin. Upright bass he "only" plays for Heartbreaker. Heinz is familiar with many styles from swing to blues to songwriter. He is the guy for any gig whenever he somestimes suffers from the well known "leather allergy".
Wolfgang Kerscher from Mühlstetten plays mandolin not only in this band. Besides Bluegrass, he loves Swing and Jazz and can surprise with sudden Boogie Woogie Piano outbreaks or saxophon. This is not the only reason for him to play with his Oldie and Swingband "Midnight Crisis".
Rudi Vogel The sound of the 5-string Banjo has immediately fascinated Rudi. He changed his electric guitar 23 years ago for this "Nine Pound Hammer". Sometimes he must rock off with his mandolin to compensate this (especially with his Band bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes) before he comes back to the "high lonseome sound" singing Tenor. Together with Rochus they sing unbeatable Duetts reminiscent of Reno & Smiley. With the Quartett "Double Trouble" he sang gospel (Rudi ssng bass here!). Today he lives in the wilderness of upper Bavaria - who wonders?
Rochus Tröbs Blugrass has always be an intrinsic property of this guy now oriniating from Leingarten. He loves sad stories packed into a hard driving song, the cutting trios and the gruel stories. He makes everybods feel Bluegrass and convinces them thereof. Besides his guitar he plays more and more mandolin. This enables real Heartbreaker mandolin quartetts.

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