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Heinz FinkBullfiddle, Lead & Baritone Vocals
Wolfgang KerscherMandolin
Rudi Vogel5-String Banjo, Lead & Tenor Vocals
Rochus Tröbs Guitar, Lead & Baritone Vocals

Heartbreaker exists since 1987. At the time of foundation all musicians had wide experience not only in Bluegrass. Heartbreaker emerged from the group "Dark & Scruggy" in when Heinz fink joined them replacing Hugo Vogel who had played bass for 3 years. Heartbreaker plays old and new with sharp duetts and clear trios in mere tradition. Concerts have become rare because of the growing distance between these musicians - since 2016 you can hear the as a "Revival Band". The fun with the music has remained which they still can confer to their audience. Typical songs are "Toy Heart", Who's That Knocking at My Door", "Seeing Nellie Home" and of course "Hard Hearted Heartbreaker".

Contact: Rudi Vogel: Fon & Fax (08167) 8776

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