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Rudi Vogel suffered from 6 years of piano lessions during his early musical years. When he finally got fed up of klicking fingernails he educated himself in electric guitar and entertained with his band the "Poor Devils" quite a few carnival parties in their late night fever. At the age of 18 he met his first love and homestead in Bluegrass to which he is true until these days. For him there is only the high lonesome sound - with no breaks attached.

S e a r c h i n g

Rudi Vogel • 1974

Electric guitar for a Framus long neck 5-string Banjo. A swap with consequences. The first pick were self-solded, the record with FMB sawn by the saphyr.

S a i t e n s p i n n e r

Rudi Vogel • Wolfgang Kerscher • Klaus Grottke

They wrote the year 1981 when the group "Saitenspinner" was founded in a garret. It should last for 3 years and barely show up in concerts. The picture shows the original instrumentation. Soon it became obvious that Bluegrass needs the mandolin. Therefore, Wolfgang learned to play mandolin and Klaus guitar. Rudi shall have tried the fiddle for a while.

D a r k • & • S c r u g g y

Wolfgang Kerscher • Rudi Vogel• Rochus Tr๖bs• Rudi Vogel

Dark& Scruggy was active from 1984-1987 enjoying makabre Bluegrass Songs (Dark) and fast instrumentals (Scruggy). Martha White would have enjoyed this one:

Yes, we are Dark and Scruggy too,
goodness gracious good and live here for you,
for the finest Bluegrass ever was
hear Dark & Scruggy's ringing power - Bluegrass grew a flower -
Dark & Scruggy here for you: You'll love it too!

H e a r t b r e a k e r

Heinz Fink • Wolfgang Kerscher • Rudi Vogel • Rochus Tr๖bs

Heartbreaker was the breakthrough. Founded in 1987 the band is still active today.

More about Heartbreaker?

B l u e N a

bandphoto.jpg - 36259 Bytes

Monika Vogel • Sebastian Vogel • Rudi Vogel • Bernhard Schmitt

More than a Bluegrass Band! (the picture shows the first original group)

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