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Clicking on a band will lead you to their homepage which may also contain RealPlayer sound samples. This bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes service allows you to see and hear the band before you decide for the concert! The respective page will show up in a new window. Close this window to return here.

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Websites of great European Bluegrass bands are linked here to their respective server. Contact us if your band has a website which you would like to be listed here! If you have no possibilities to construct or run your own website, you may have yours constructed and hosted for free, and included here. For this option please see the bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes Country Club.

Silver Hill Bluegrass Band Traditional Bluegrass & Old-Time Music, strictly acoustic
4 Wheel Drive The name says it all!*
Backroad & friends - Acoustic Country and Bluegrass Music
Bluegrass Breakdown - Bluegrass aus Berlin
Blue Cartel A young Belgium Bluegrass Band
see the BlueNa Band - bluena_t11a.jpg - 6816 Bytestive bluena_t11b.jpg - 6816 Bytesgrass Music!*
Blue Side Of Town - Bluegrass Band from Freiburg
Bluegrass Seekers - Bluegrass Band from Freiburg in Germany*
Bononia Grass - Bluegrass Band from Italy
Clifftop Oldtime Band with Reinhard Gress (see also a lot of Oldtime Music links)*
Country Blues Project Not Bluegrass - BUT, Europe's leading Country Blues Trio
Cumberland String Band
Detlaff, Kärner & Bähr - acoustic music with friends
Die Ofenrohre - Bluegrass and more (German only)
Fox Tower Bluegrass Band - Benchmark for East German Bluegrass
The Freaky Street Stingband - Bluegrass, American Oldtime Music & more
Grass Unlimited Bluegrass Music and beyond
Greenfields Bluegrass - a duo with Country touch or vice versa
Lilly Of The West - Bulgarias Bluegrass Band*
Mart O´Pickers - Bluegrass from Strasbourg/France
Matching Ties - Bluegrass, Celtic, Jazz, Fun!*
Misty Blue
New Section - watch their faces!
Night Run - Bluegrass in the Tradition and beyond!*
Nugget - Phantastic Bluegrass Music made in Austria
Rawhide The Belgium Bluegrass Band
Redhook Bluegrass Band - Bluegrass Quintet from Switzerland
Rosewood Delight
Shady Mix Bluegrass and Acoustic Country*
Southern Star - Bluegrass Band and magazine from Berlin
Strictly Bluegrass - traditional songs and tunes
SunnyBottomBoys - Sunny Hillbilly, Bluegrass, Western Swing
Thomsen Brothers - Bluegrass Band from Halle in Germany
Weeds Strong Bluegrass
Willie Jones - Bluegrass and more! See his Christmas ideas!*

Some bands are no longer active for various reasons. We have decided to keep their memory alive as a part of Germany´s Bluegrass history and to credit their fine contribution to the scene. Some of you may well know or remember these musicians and friends. (Please understand that the links and contact information in these pages are no longer updated and may be futile)

Phoenix Bluegrass and Swing*
Bavarian Blue*
Foreign Affairs*

A few (temporary) websites with some information about bluegrass musicians and promoters are found here.

Obi Barthmann*
Helmut (Hese) Schröter*
High Oak Bluegrass Festival in Stuttgart

*These pages were constructed by, or run with the aid of bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes. Some other bands who meanwhile run their own website formerly also had websites made as a complimentary effort by Rudi Vogel of the bluena_t11.jpg - 6816 Bytes Country Club to foster the presence of this music on the web.


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