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Learn to play a Bluegrass instrument

For some Bluegrass instruments, namely violin, guitar and string bass, multiple offers exist ofindependet teacdhers and musical schools. This variety shall and cannot be listed here. You just must ask in your proximity, whether Bluegrass styles (e.g. flatpicking guitar) can also be offeree. Naturally Bluegrass fiddle is not foreseen in classical violin teaching. Still, it is a great basis for a clean tone. For Bluegrass fiddle you might strike at mandolinists.

For Bluegrass mandolin, 5-string banjo and dobro the offer is comparably restricted. Here, this site can be of help, which is growing with time.

Find a teacher

you want to

  • learn how to play a Bluegrass instrument
  • improve your approach and expand your style
  • receive scheduled lessons
  • learn, how to play in a band
  • Bluegrass Music harmony singing

In this static list you might find a teacher in your proximity, who can help you further. You can actively search through the pinboard.

Offers for pupils

You want to

  • instruct pupils in any Bluegrass instrument of harmony singing
  • provide tips and tricks for improved playing and styles
  • jemand Tips und Tricks geben
  • offer scheduled musical instruction

Contact us, if you want to offer scheduled musical instruction to be included in this static list through the contact form.

We are pleased to adopt teachers in this list, who do this on a regular basis, namely for mandolin, 5-string banjo and dobro. Naturally, for the time beeing this list is short with those, who are personally known to the webmaster.

Offers on a specific date like workshops you are welcome to submit to the events calendar.



Rupert Paulik

(instruction in mandolin and other Bluegrass instruments, band coach for children and teens)


A beautiful list with tteachers for Bluegrass and Oldtime Banjo (which need not be reepeated here) can be foud below.