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Links to the Bluegrass Music Scene

The Bluegrass Music Scene is growing – also in the web.

Who wants to know about it just asks the cake that knows everything


and quickly jumps there. Therefore, only a few links to other websites of the Bluegrass Music scene are listed here, which provide an introduction to what else is offered there.

*note: originally “Gugelhupf” – a large round cake known in Germany and Austria.

The official site of the “German Bluegrass Music Association” is still under construction, but may deliver already some useful information.

Information on the Munich Bluegrass scene is provided at


Bluegrass (and more) – information on the scene in the borderline of D/CH/F you can find at

In any case a look into our neighbour country Switzerland is worthwhile, also – as it is not so far away – to find some opportunity to meet the local scene in a musicians meeting of concert. A phantastic site with an event calendar displaying concerts and workshops, which may be easy to reach from Southern Germany.

Impressive lists on musicians and bands in the German-speaking area, a collection of banjo jokes and a banjoist quiz is offered in

More information about Oldtime Music is provided at

Last not least in this small collection is the mandatory hint to the Online-Radio program “Bluegrassjamboree” of “Yogi” Zellner, which offers 24 hrs  Bluegrass Music and more. Those who once listened into it and who are open for many styles of American acoustic musc, cannot let go. Thank you Yogi!

If you want to jump in go to

or install the app on your smartphone and select “bluegrassjamboree”.

If you want to learn more about Wippenhausen – the homeplace of the webmaster Rudi, who has organized uncountable Bluegrass musicians meetings and some festivals, and the location of the annual Oldtime Music Meeting – you can find information about this little village, which is one of the oldest in Upper Bavaria, with respective history and stories: