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Background to “Bluegrass Connective”

Under the domain “bluegrass.dewebmaster Rudi Vogel established the probably first Bluegrass website in the German speaking area already in 1997 in a simple html script. It comprised more than 450 pages including many websites of German Bluegrass Bands (e.g. Night Run, Patchwork, Shady Mix, 4Wheel Drive), which could not yet build their own, as well as a fully automated events calendar. Rudi also was the host and webmaster for the websites of the magazines “Bluegrass Europe” and “Bluegrass Bühne“.

Like Rudi possibly also you percieve it difficult until today, to find dates for Bluegrass events, which are posted by every single promoter, band or location in their own website, while they hope that somebody will find these needles in the haystack, who neither knows about band names nor promoters, nor locations. The overriding of small events and even festivals by block busters and main-stream promoters largely hinders newcomers to enter this specialized scene, enlarge the Bluegrass community or find new fans. Here you can change this.

Bluegrass Connective” running on “” since 22.2.22 on the basis of new technologies replacing the old website, offers an interactive basis enabling connections between Bluegrass enthusiasts.

Use it.

You can find many wonderful people for so much fun.

For all specific, personal searches and offers you are welcome to use the pinboard.


If you want to learn more about the musical background of webmaster Rudi have a look at his background, approach to Bluegrass Music, former and recent bands at

after so many years in Bluegrass.