Privacy Policy


This privacy delaration shall inform users of this website about the way, extent and intention of the raise and use of personalized data by the operator of the website [Rudi Vogel, Wippenhauser Dorfstr. 26, 85414 Kirchdorf].

The operator of this website takes protection of your data as serious and handles your personalized data confidential and along legal regulations. As a result of emerging technologies and permanent development adjustments of this privacy policy may be effective, we suggest that you read it in regular intervals.

Definitions of the used terms are (e.g. “personalized data” or “processing”) are found in § 4 DSGVO.

Data acess

We, the operator of this website or page provider, collect data on the basis of our qualified interest (s. § 3/3 lit. f DSGVO) about the access to the website and save these as „Server-Logfiles“ on the server of this website. The following data are protocolled:

Visited website

  • time amd dare of access
  • amount of sended data in bytes
  • source / link, from which you entered this website
  • used browser
  • used operating system
  • used IP address

The Server-Logfiles are maximally stored for 7 days and subsequently deleted. The storage of data occurs for safety reasons, e.g. to resolve cases of misuse. If date must be stored for reasons of evidence, they are exempted from deletion until the case is solved.

Raise and processing of personalized data

The operator of this website raises, uses and forwards your data only within the given legal frame or if you agree with the raise of data.

Personalized data comprise all informations, which can be used to identify your person and can be trqacked bach to you – e.g. your name, E-mail address or phone number.

You can also visit this website without making providing any details on you person. For the improvement of our online offer we still save (without personalized data) you access data on this website. These include e.g. the name of the retrieved file or the name of your internet provider. As a result of anonymisation of the data, conclusions on your person are impossible.

We process personalized data as name, given name, IP-address, E-mail address, location, ZIP or centent from the contact form or guestbook/pinboard.

We process personalized data only upon explicit agreement of the respective users respecting effective privacy policies.

The processing of personalized date follows ourlegitimate interest to fulfill our contractively agreed activities and for optimization of our online offer.

Handling of contact data

If you contact the operator of this website by the offered contact options, your data will be saved to enable access for the handling and answering your inquiry. Without your agreement these data are not forwarded to third parties.

Handling of comments and posts

If you leave any contribution of comment, your IP-address is stored. This follows our legitimate interest in the sense of Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. DSGVOand serves our security as operator of this website: Should your comment be in contradiction with effective law, we could be prosecuted for this; therefore we have interest in the identity of the author of the comment or contribution.

Use of Cookies

The use of Cookies is not actively followed by the operator of this website. Namely, we do not use active advertising of third parties. Newvertheless, Cookies may be used (even without knowledge of the operator) via embedded WordPress Plugins, which are required for certain functionalities of this website (e.g. guestbook, contact form, MetaSlider, Lightroom). It is therefore indicated upon use of this website and the consent of the user is requested for the use of such Cookies along the European GDPR Cookie Content guideline. This is not synonymous with them not beeing used.

  •  Essential Cookies help to use the website, while they enable basic functions like navigation though the website or access to safe content. The website cannot work correctly without these Cookies.
  • Funktional Cookies enable specific actions of the visitors, e.g.sharing of content in social media, collection of feedback, or other offers of third parties.
  • Statistics Cookieshelp the website operator to understand how visitors interact with the websites, while information is collected and reported anonymously.
  • Preference Cookiesenable a website to remember information, which affect the way how a website performs or looks like, e.g. preferred language or region of the visitor.
  • Marketing Cookies are used to follow visitors on the websites. Their intention is to show advertisements, which are relevant and attractive for the specific user and therefore are valuable for the publisher and advertising third parties.
  • Non classified Cookies are  Cookies, which we currenty try to classify, together with providers of individual Cookies.

User rights

As a user you have the right to receive free information about the personalized data we have saved about you. You also reserve the right on the correction of false data and on the restriction of use or deletion of your persnalized data. If applicable, you can also plead your right on portability of data. If you assume that your data are processed illegally you can file a complaint at the responsible surveillance authority.

Data deletion

As long as your request does not collide with the legal duty on data preservation, you reserve the right on deletion of your data. Stored data are deleted if they are no longer required for their envisaged use and as long there are no legal retention periods. If deletion cannot be accomplished, because the are required for legal issues, a limitation of data processing becomes effective. In this case the data are locked and not use for other issues.

Right of objection

Users of this website can use their right of objection and contradict the processing of their personalized data at any time.

If you want correction, blocking, deletion or information about stored personalized data stored or have any questions about the collection, processing or use of your personalized data, or want to withdraw a given agreement, please contact the operator via the contact form.

This e.g. includes information about (incomplete list):

  • forwarding of data to third parties
  • inclusion of services and content of third parties (e. g. Google-Fonts, Google Maps, or YouTube-Videos)
  • Eprovision of contractual activities rbringung
  • contacting via contact form Kontaktaufnahme
  • use of guestbook / pinboard
  • use of session-Cookies
  • employment of data processing Anti-Spam-Plugins
  • use of Google Remarketing-Tags
  • use of Google+ oder Twitter-buttons